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Pirates of the Caribbean: the Macros
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1st-Jan-2012 09:21 pm - Macro
It's a Theo Macro!

OST Spoilers.

Don't worry, he's just sleeping.

12th-Aug-2011 01:57 am - VelociraptorBomb

When good velociraptors make bad love scenes between mermaids and missionaries tolerable.

24th-May-2011 04:20 am - PotC MACRO!
Navy Boys!
How OST could have been much, much better. 

Barbossa and the Royal Navy come face to face with a guardian of the Fountain.

Dedicated to joyful_molly.
Rated G
Disclaimer: Not mine.  Either of them.

11th-Apr-2008 01:05 am - potc macros?
Hay Thar! I like PotC. Most of the time. And am addicted to macros. So here I am... in ur community, posting  &unfanny macros.
28th-Dec-2007 04:48 pm - Beckabeth Macro
Thanks to miladybeckett  and my own perverse subconcious!

18th-Oct-2007 05:25 pm - Wtfbbq?
Jacksons on a picinic bench
Yay for the second post! Great community idea!

Warning: May not actually serve any purpose to mankind, but could be a potentially awesome timewaste. XD

Something relevent goes here..Collapse )
16th-Oct-2007 08:29 pm - 2 to get things started...
CS 01
Kekeke. Lizilla behind the cut.

16th-Oct-2007 08:48 am - Affiliate!
CS 01
Do you want to be an affiliate of potc_macros? Please comment with the name of your comm here! We're not picky; your comm just needs to be PoTC-related.  :)

Thank you! <3
16th-Oct-2007 08:38 am - Resources
CS 01

If anyone has links to share, please post them here. If you are willing to be a screencap resource yourself, please let us know here as well.
Thank you! <3
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